Orthodontic Treatment; It is a dental treatment that helps to bring the positions of the teeth to their correct positions in the jaw. With orthodontic treatment methods, problems such as crooked teeth, split teeth, unerupted teeth, jaw position disorders and closing disorders can be solved.

To Whom Orthodontic Treatments Can Be Applied?

Performing orthodontic treatments at a young age in disorders related to jaw development provides a very advantageous situation in terms of treatment. For problems related only to the alignment of the teeth, treatment can be started at the age of 12-13, which is the age of completion of the permanent teeth, and there is no upper age limit. However, being younger always leads to faster progress in terms of development.

What are Fixed Orthodontic Treatment Options and How Is It Decided?

Fixed orthodontic treatments are a treatment performed by applying force to the teeth with the help of brackets and wires. The selected brackets are divided into two as metal and ceramic. The patient's aesthetic expectations are evaluated and the brackets are decided.

What is Digital Orodontic Treatment?

This treatment method, in which the teeth are corrected with the help of transparent aligners, is a treatment performed by predicting the progression of the teeth with the help of special programs after the patient's teeth are measured. Removable transparent plaques offer the patient maximum comfort in terms of aesthetics. However, this treatment option is not a treatment option that can be used in every case. Before treatment, examination and detailed examination by the physician is required.

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